GWakeUp is an alarm manager which allows to play any song stored on your phone.
You can add several alarms and configure each one.

List of alarms

The main screen displays alarms already created by the user. An active alarm is framed in green, on the contrary an inactive alarm is framed in red. The letters F and V located on the right side of each clock indicate respectively if fading or vibration is on.
Three actions are available from the main screen :

  •  add a new alarm by clicking on the + button on the top left of the screen,
  •  delete an existing alarm by dragging and dropping on the trash button,
  •  duplicate an existing alarm by dragging and dropping on the button with two clocks.

Those actions are also available via the contextual menu.

fig. 1 - List of available alarms

The 'SAVE' button allows you to save changes and quit the application. In order to configure an alarm, you just have to double tap on it.

Alarm configuration

The configuration screen of an alarm allows to :

  •  enable or disable an alarm,
  •  set up the time and days on which the alarm will be triggered,
  •  define duration of the fading,
  •  enable or disable vibration,
  •  define duration of snooze,
  •  choose which songs will be used by the alarm.

When several songs are selected, they will be played randomly.

fig. 2 - Configuration of an alarm


Preferences are available via the menu button of your phone.

fig. 3 - Settings

You can configure several parameters like :

  •  display a notification when scheduling a new alarm,
  •  play a sound when a notification is displayed,
  •  activate the possibility to shake your phone to snooze (when selected, the phone will not vibrate even if the alarm has been configured to do so),
  •  set alarms volume (independently of the configured system volume).

Latest releases

GWakeUp v1.0.24
- fixed small bug