Slide Keyboard
An innovative keyboard adapted to your needs.


Slide Keyboard is a software keyboard developped in order to simplify and avoid mistakes when you are writing a text with Android phones.
The idea was to create a keyboard with bigger keys than the standard keyboard combined with gesture detection to identify letters typed by the user.
List of features :

  •  2 styles of keyboards,
  •  4 types of keyboard : alphabetic, azerty, qwerty and dvorak,
  •  quick switch between keyboards with the action button,
  •  vibration and sound on key press,
  •  french, english, german, spanish and italian dictionaries,
  •  words suggestion,
  •  automatically correct common typed mistakes,
  •  automatically adds new words to the dictionary,
  •  key shortcuts by doing gesture on the keyboard,
  •  toolbar for edition action (cut, copy, selection, ...),
  •  more...

SK Skin Creator
Create and customize your own skin for Slide Keyboard Pro.


SK Skin Creator is a windows compatible application which will give you the possibility to create your own virtual keyboard for Android.
There are a lot of virtual keyboards on Android, but none which will be perfectly fit for you. Keys will be too small or you won't have characters you want on the main keyboard, ...
With SK SKin Creator you won't have this problem, because you will be able to :

  •  choose the position of the keys,
  •  change the background of the buttons,
  •  configure the appereance of the text,
  •  ...

You don't need any programming skills. All you need, is a little bit of creativity, so just give it a shot! more...

A user-friendly alarm manager to play your own music.


GWakeUp is an alarm manager wich allows to play any music stored on your phone.
The main goal of this software was to designed an alarm manager with a user-friendly interface which allows to configure several alarms easily and quickly.
List of features :

  •  copy an alarm,
  •  drag and drop support,
  •  multiple songs selection,
  •  snooze,
  •  fading,
  •  vibration,
  •  shake detection of the phone for snoozing.
  •  more...

Rediscover the famous african strategy game.


Awale, an adaptation of the well-known strategy game for Android. The level of the computer for the demo version is set to easy. The full version will come with the following features :

  •  2 player mode,
  •  difficulty level,
  •  choice of side and first to start,
  •  ranking,
  •  more...

Latest releases

SK Skin Creator v0.3
- added gaps for landscape and portrait keyboards
- added specific gap for keys support

Slide Keyboard 2.0.2 Beta
- added specific width for keys support

GWakeUp v1.0.24
- fixed small bug

Slide Keyboard v1.0.7
- quick fix when deleting a word from dictionary

Awale v0.9.2
- fixed error report